The Concept

Personalised contemporary painting

Each one of us wants to surround itself with its own personal touch and thus univers. What characterises precisely each one of us ? What secret lays behind us all ? Molia Art will sublime your interior design with a final touch of fine, personalised and contemporary painting.

Molia Art or Art to Your Image !

The concept of Molia Art is to deliver to you a contemporary painting customised to your personal story. The point is to understand and analyse your demand in order to deliver anart work compatable with your wishes and desires. As foundation, certain information will be supplied in order for Molia Art to realise a work considering your personal theme, format and color. In order to realise the work, Molia Art will take into considertaion the organisation of the living space (house, office, meeting room), environment, style (classic or modern, furniture, color), and paintings already in place. The final agreement is reached by mail with regular photo shootings showing the evolution of the art work to its final closure.The agreement is concluded by a written document in two formats. The painting is to be delivered in the time frame of one month. If the art work is to be sent abroad, the customer will be informed of eventual customs and/or shippings costs associated.