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Curriculum Vitae



Creation of MOLIA ART

  • September 2013

The concept made to measure, of modern art paintings
Modern paintings creation
Website, books, business cards, logos, flyers and CV
Marketing, communication and social networks
Exhibitions and art galleries
Press releases and emailing campaigns
2014 artistic season planning

Mix tableaux MOLIA ART

Exhibition ArtVO – Eragny-sur-Oise.

  • June 2014

As part of the exhibition ArtVO, 40 artists, painters, sculptors and photographs are showing in the hall of the Calandres of Eragny-sur-Oise from the 6th to the 8th of June 2014.
After 9 years of existence, the Modern Art Trade Show (Foire d’Art Actuel) in Val d’Oise is nowadays the meeting place of art amateurs but also of the professionals from Val d’Oise and the entire Ile de France. The warm welcome and the direct contact with the artists are the cause of the public enthusiasm. Numbers of visitors made their first purchase there and, year after year, came back to enrich their collection. Confidence and friendliness are the keywords of this huge Modern Art Trade Show. Again, 40 artists come to show you their latest works: almost 800 pieces of work, paintings, sculptures, photographs and other works will be settled in this emblematic place dedicated to modern art.


Exhibition in the shop “Simplement bô” – La Rochelle

  • June 2014

From June to August 2014, Molia Art shows her works in the design shop “Simplement Bô” in La Rochelle.
A place where pleasing yourself and the others…
Located a few steps from the city center of La Rochelle in the district of St Nicolas (see on the map), the store us open on Monday afternoon from 3pm to 7.30pm. On Saturday, from 10.30am to 7.30pm. In this new space where you can stroll enjoyably, Simplement Bô, pursues its quarry of originality with new decorative objects for the home that are just breathtaking “lamps, carpets, small furniture items, cushions, chairs, and gift ideas for men…” Simplement Bô is still a world for us, women: scarves, jewelries and bags from many designers will go well with your outfits with freshness and poetry.


Art Shopping Exhibition – Carrousel du Louvre.

  • May 2014

On the occasion of the Art Shopping’s show, 350 artists, painters, sculptors and photographers exhibit at the Carrousel du Louvre from the 16th to the 18th May 2014.
Creations, meetings and debate for a promising 14th instance!
On the 17th and May 18th 2014, at the Carrousel du Louvre, the next instance of the Art Shopping’s show will present a real artistic journey: more than 350 artists who come from all over the world: Argentina, Brazil, China, Korea, Italia, Spain, Japan, Russia… and of course France! Art Shopping is a real platform of expression and exhibition for the “new generation” artists and galleries, where they can reach the public, show their work, discuss with potential buyers, and above all… sell.


Exhibition in Carpeaux – Courbevoie.

  • April 2014

On the occasion of Courbevoie’s show, artists, painters, sculptors and photographers exhibit in the Carpeaux space from the 30th of April to the 3rd of July 2014.
12 talented artists, all coming from different backgrounds, exhibit for this show and make us discover a wide variety of works.


Exhibition ART en Vrac – Salies de Béarn.

  • April 2014

For her 9th exhibition Molia Art shows at ART en vrac in Salies de Béarn…
4 letters shaped as a nod to summarize the context of our action and her spirit!
Because it’s in Salies de Béarn, one of the most beautiful village of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, that the VRAC invented this meeting between contemporary creation and a public distant from the large urban centers where this type of events are usually concentrated in.
At VRAC, all the forms of art are living together: photography, video, painting, ceramics… but also artists’ performances and conceptual art in order to shake up our view on art and society.


Exhibition in Gallery Thuillier – Paris.

  • April 2014

For her 8th exhibition, Molia Art shows in Gallery Thuillier on the occasion of the 2014 Spring show, a group exposition from the 11th to April, 25th 2014. The Gallery Thuillier, a family business existing since more that fifteen years, is located at the heart of the Marais, near to the place des Vosges and the Picasso Museum, in the gallery district of the capital city. The first goal is to present the main artistic movements existing on the European market to a wide and varied clientele, who regularly visits this district, with twenty-one shows per year. Thus, the gallery gives to professional and promising amateur artists the opportunity to show and sell their creations in this fated district. As a real place of exchange and special meetings, it presents to an international clientele different works at affordable prices, in a space of 150 square meters, divided into two floors.

logo thuillier

Exhibition in the restaurant le 421 – Levallois-Perret.

  • March 2014

For her 7th exhibition, Molia Art choses the theme of art and gastronomy in the restaurant le 421 at Levallois-Perret. The establishment welcomes you in a friendly and kind atmosphere. Throughout the day, a smiley and receptive team is at your service. A visit around the right bank of the Seine. Le 421 is waiting for you for a little halt. A great atmosphere, with affordable prices, a very nice team and a music perfectly interrelated with the ambience. It is by far the best address of Levallois!

Restaurant le 421 Levallois-Perret

Exhibition at the Starter Gallery

  • February 2014

On the occasion of Valentine’s day, Molia Art shows at the Starter Gallery at Neuilly-sur-Seine, from the Tuesday, 11th to the Friday, 14th 2014. This preview of this exhibition is on Tuesday, 11th, from 6pm to 9pm at number 5 rue Soyer, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine. The Starter Gallery is a place dedicated to contemporary art. It gathers artists, amateurs and professionals of the world of art.

Starter Gallery

Exhibition Grand Salon d’Art Abordable

  • December 2013

Around forty artists will be at the show. They will exhibit more than 200 original, signed and certified pieces of work (paintings, sculptures, drawings, etchings, photographs).
On Friday 13th, Saturday 14th, and Sunday 15th of December 2013, the 11th instance of the Grand Salon d’Art Abordable will take place at the Bellevilloise-Paris. It celebrates its three years of existence and confirms the success of the approach of the public, by artists, professionals and medias.

Grand Salon d'Art abordable 2013

Exhibition “Ma pomme en Colimaçon”

  • November 2013

Uncharacteristic restaurant in the colors of art.
Contemporary art and tableware finally gathered ? For her 4th preview of the year, Aude MOLIA decided to exhibit at “Ma pomme en Colimaçon”, on Monday, November 18th 2013 from 7.30pm, at 107, Ménilmontant Street – 75020 Paris!
The idea? Enjoying contemporary painting over a drink, a cocktail, and even a good meal!
You will find yourself in a muted atmosphere, in the middle of artists, gastronomes and local regular customers.
“Art is a promise of happiness.” Stendhal
Temporary exhibition from November, 18th to December, 12th 2013.

Exhibition les hivernales

  • November 2013

Les Hivernales de Montreuil are back from the November, 5th 2013 to the 11th. They intend to be an important meeting of the Parisian artistic season. With its 15.000 square meters, the Palais des Congrès is a very impressive place at the heart of the future Grand Paris. The event Les Hivernales that is an exhibition and even more, will take place in this open space that enables the richer scenery games.
The shows, in those times when they are mistreated, require more than ever to be designed by and for creators. The exhibition is enriched by meetings and debates that invite to offensive thoughts about the new situation of a market that becomes dazzled by the values of money more than those of creation, and by the institutional attitude that we don’t know anymore if it is more characterized by disengagement or disregard. With the support of the House of Artists and its president Rémy Aron, the defense of the idea of the citizen artist seems to have to establish itself. The House of Artists, that gathers the bulk of the professional visual artists (more than 50.000 of them are members), invited them to take part in the Hivernales. Over 700 visual artists will display works, paintings, sculptures, digital creations and others, representing an overview of the art in France. This will be a photographical shot without bias of the current situation of art, beyond the institutional or market logics. By renewing the concept of exhibition, l’Agora des Hivernales intends to boost meetings and exchanges; to place the idea of citizen artist at the heart of the question of art. In this way, Les Hivernales want to highlight the decisive role of the artist and return to the values of cooptation.

Les Hivernales 2013

Exhibition Starter Gallery

  • October 2013

STARTER GALLERY is a unique, innovative and alternative concept. It is a virtual and physical gallery at the same time as a social media.
Dedicated to contemporary art, STARTER GALLERY gathers artists, amateurs and professionals from the world of art.
As a community and commercial platform, STARTER GALLERY also presents a direct and visual link with the pieces of work.
The STARTER GALLERY saw the day in March 2012 and has already several partners. Numerous contests or exhibitions were organized, and also some reports and the participation to art exhibitions.
Its task is to make the art alive and to highlight new talents.

Expo Corps à Corps à la Starter Gallery

Exhibition Gallery Norbert-Mattera

  • August 2013

Multicultural Area.
In august 2013, first preview of MOLIA ART at the space Norbert Mattera.
It will be the very first confrontation of Aude MOLIA’s contemporary art canvases with the public.
10 pieces of work were exhibited and 50 people went to the 14th arrondissement, near the rue Daguerre. Kindly mixed district, popular and middle-class, commercial and artist at the same time.

Vernissage Galerie Mattera

Training & Activities

Art school at Paris city hall
Art, Museum, Cinema, Drama, Music, Decoration.

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