Aude Molia was born in Bayonne in 1977. After taking art courses at theMayor’s House of Paris painting nature, portraits, she decides toconcentrate herself to modern art and in 2013 is finally able to live herdesire: paint, making a big step to create her own company – Molia Art.Her technique is centerned on the material and its colors. The newconcept is to realize modern art works based on the image of the futurebuyers. Influenced by modern artists such as Klimt, Soulages, Rotkho,Kandinsky, Klee, de Stael, she find numerous inspirational sources. Afterhaving studied and contemplated, the work blends in with the interiordesign thanks to its signs, symbols, arbitrary lines, sometimes evenwriting, eventually allowing one to better interpret the hidden messageof the art work.Her overflowing energy and her desire to share her passion with others ledher to begin blogging in 2013. MOLIA ART nurtures her presence on the web and on social media, fully embracing the opportunity stay in conversation with her audience.”I should not think or conceptualize but let intuition do its job. Thepainting becomes a symbol. The material and colors used are keyfactors. My motivation is to work with beauty which becomes a primaryneed, an absolute truth”.

Aude Molia