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“Artension” n°124 (march-april 2014)

  • “The web of artists”

Published March 7,2014

Molia Art is in the latest edition of the living art magazine Artension. You will find the insert on the last page : “The web of artists”. Artension is the audacious magazine of living art. Far from the trends or injunctions of official art, it takes a unique look on today’s art in each of its publications. The editos of the editorial board, and above all the page of Amélie Pekin, which became essential and awaited over the editions, both reassure all those who approach contemporary art with the fear not to understand it. Amélie proclaims it loudly : “You are not wrong : beside daring works, disconcerting but logical, there is a hodgepodge that only aims at putting impostors on the throne, flattering egos and filling money bags in.” In each of its publications, Artension takes a unique look on the art of today. With the ten artists who are presented – result of a long selection process of the editorial board – let’s plunge into the heart of the contemporary creation. Painters, photographers, sculptors… are the object of pages with wonderful illustrations and relevant analyzes. For the collector : the assurance to always discover artists. For the gallery owners and artists : an exceptional showcase and irreplaceable source of information. For amateurs : pleasure and interest. Beyond the emerging artists, Artension gives the floor in each of its publication to artists of international reputation.

Press releases : “Artension”, March April 2014

  • Analysis of MOLIA ART’s work

Published February 28, 2014

Analysis Artrinet of MOLIA Aude’s work of art


  • Art salon abordable 2014 at la Bellevilloise

Published December 16, 2013

… Aude Molia is an artist 2.0 as I love them. She is one of the rare among her peers to know how to use at the same time a messaging service, Twitter and Facebook: champagne !… By including in her work the notion of communication, she managed to take me up to Ménilmontant. It is thanks to her that I heard about this exhibition, which was in its 11th edition. But above all, it is through Twitter that she distributed free invitations to come to the event. In the space of a few hours, she sent me the invitation with which I would discover her work. I can say that her skills in terms of diffusion are up to her artistic approach. Anyone will confirm this : tackling an artistic career and taking the time to communicate it at once, these are two different jobs which are difficult to achieve jointly. Yet, she proceeds confidently between the two worlds since a few months and her whole concept is already established and works perfectly. Aude has an interesting approach because she places the buyer in the center of her thought. For those who ignore it, either in design or in graphic arts, the big trend to come will place the user in the center of all the projects. And that’s a little bit the way Aude sees her painting. She first bases on a meeting during which she captures the personality of her customers. After taking her bearings from them to understand the environment in which her canvas will be placed, she begins to realize her painting while communicating its progress with her clients…
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Design from Paris

  • “Molia Art or the art modeled on you”

Published November 6, 2013

This innovative concept connecting the artist to his client is a favorite !
Let’s imagine, a contemporary painter who creates for you, with you and according to you. Result ? A unique work which looks like you ! An original concept that makes you want to try, just to see what we look like in contemporary art, right ? Here is a young talented and dynamic artist who loves art as much as the diversity of amateurs, conversant or not, of art and decoration !
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